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Humpback Whales
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Oahu Whale Watching Oahu
Facts Humpback Whales
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Humpback Whales in Hawaii

Oahu Whale Watching Hawaii

How can I identify a
Humpback Whale in Hawaii?

Humpback Whales in Hawaii
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Humpback Whales in Hawaii

Listed as the State of Hawai‘i’s official marine mammal, humpback whales thrill wildlife enthusiasts and scientist alike with their incredible acrobatic displays. The breach is the most anticipated display, when the humpback whale uses great power and speed to break the surface of the water, sometime lunging completely into the air. A humpback whale can do this in as little as 60 to 80 feet of water with three to four flips of its powerful fluke or tail fin. I have personally seen two humpback whales breach in tandem, an estimated twenty or more times in a row, covering over 2 miles of ground and nearly ending in Honolulu Harbor. I have also observed twenty or more whales all breaching across a square mile at sunset. According to NOAA, between 4000 and 10,000 humpback whales visit Hawaiian waters from November through May each year. They cross as much as 3500 miles of open ocean in less than two months, migrating from their Alaskan summer feeding grounds.

Oahu Whale Watching Hawaii

There are many ways to see Humpback Whales on Oahu. You can board large ships that do whale watching Oahu tours and you can see whales from land. You will have a hard time finding a more intimate experience whale watching than aboard the Royal Hawaiian sailing catamaran. The quietness of the vessel is less disturbing to the whales and allows you to hear the whales breathing and slapping the water. On humpback whale watching Oahu cruises, aboard the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran, we usually first spot the humpback whales spouting or blowing. This is the humpback whale breathing. I always ask everyone aboard to keep there eyes open for a spout of air and water. If you want, you can yell, "Thar she blows!" It looks a lot like steam shooting from the waters surface or a cloud of smoke drifting across the water. If you look closely you can often see the back of the whale as it rolls out of the water to take a breath. You should always keep your eyes on the horizon as you may be surprised by the awesome sight of a humpback whale breaching. There is a very special connection with the whales when you are on the Royal Hawaiian catamaran where you have a good view and peace and quiet to enjoy the experience. Come enjoy Whale Watching Oahu

How can I identify a Humpback Whale in Hawaii?

Humpback whales are black or gray, though they at times look brownish. The underside of humpback whales pectoral fins (side fins), flukes (tails) and bellies are white. They have a small dorsal fin on their back and long pectoral fins. They have two blow holes on the top of their head.

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