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Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Photo by Caitlin Faulkner shot from aboard Royal Hawaiian Catamaran

Hawaiian Sea Turtles
Hawaii Green Sea Turtles
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Hawaii Sea Turtles

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Na Honu - Hawaii Sea Turtles

Hawaii is one of the most incredible places for sea turtle viewing in the world. In addition to the three species of sea turtle native to Hawaiian waters, the Hawkbills turtle, the Leatherback Sea Turtle, and the Green Sea Turtle, you can also occasionally see the Olive Ridley and Loggerhead Turtles.

Sea Turtles are reptiles. They are cold blooded, relying on environmental temperature to regulate body temperature. They breathe air which means they must surface to breathe. Sea turtles can be seen sunning on beaches in an apparent effort to warm up, and probably at times to avoid predators. They have scales on their skin. Unlike fresh water and land based turtles, sea turtles cannot retract their limbs, head, or tail into their shells.

Snorkeling with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Aboard the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran you can see na Honu, the Green Sea Turtles almost everyday. We swim and snorkel with them at a place we call Turtle Canyon. There are overhangs in the coral where the Green Sea Turtles like to relax and sleep. Most times the turtles can be best observed from aboard the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran. They pop up all around the boat, taking breaths and often eyeing the boat and its occupants. If you lucky you may even experience the turtle cleaning station as the turtles dive to the reef and the tropical fish clean the limu, Hawaiian for seaweed, that grows on their shells.

When I was a child in Hawaii, we would often see turtles that had been captured and were headed for the dinner table. They were a favorite food in Kailua and Kaneohe, where I grew up.

What is amazing is that since the turtles have been protected they have, in my opinion, come to enjoy swimming with humans and often come right up to the boat and swim around with quiet and calm snorkelers and swimmers. If you remain calm and swim quietly and slowly they will often approach within an arms length. You can actually hear them breath and watch them slowly dive back to the depths.

Please don’t try to grab or touch the turtles as you can cause them to drown and your touch could cause disease or damage. It is against Federal law as the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is a protected species. They are gentle air breathing reptiles and you will feel a definite connection. It is an experience you will not forget.

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