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Royal Hawaiian Snorkeling Tours

When you visit Oahu, Snorkeling is one adventure you should not miss. Join me for a Royal Hawaiian Oahu Snorkeling Tour. I will sail you out of Kewalo Basin aboard the gorgeous 52' Royal Hawaiian Catamaran. You will get a good close-up look at the Hawaiian surfers riding waves on both sides of the channel. Then we set sail, East-South-East toward historic Diamond Head Crater on our way to my favorite Hawaii snorkeling location, Turtle Canyon. So called for the many protected Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that live in the area. There you will see a large variety of tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs where the turtles feed on seaweed, and relax and sleep in coral caves.

Along the way we will keep our eyes open for dolphins and turtles, humpback whales during the winter, and melon headed, pilot and other small whales that occasion the oceans around Oahu. Through the clear blue waters, you can watch the tropical corals pass below.

We will moor just outside the surf of Waikiki. We try not to anchor whenever possible. Moorings protect the fragile tropical reef below. We then lower the stair case that provides easy access to the water. The crew will help you find the right snorkeling equipment and help you adjust it so it fits correctly. We provide snorkeling instruction on snorkeling techniques and snorkeling equipment as needed. We also have a variety of floats if you are not comfortable in the water. We pride ourselves on helping you learn to relax and enjoy snorkeling in Hawaii. The water is between 12 and 15 feet deep and generally very clear.

Hawaii Snorkeling Requires Careful Observation

Careful observation is the best tool you have for seeing things in the ocean. Remember much of the life in the ocean uses disguise and camouflage to blend in with their environment and survive. Sudden and quick movements scare the fish and turtles, so relax, slow down and you will see more.

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